Why Story Fence?

The Premier leader in high-end, custom, quality cedar fencing. There is no detail of your fence that is over looked when you hire Story Fence Company. Our workmanship of your custom made fence will enhance and beautify your home with 100% customer satisfaction being our #1 goal.

We use nothing but the highest quality red and white cedar materials possible to insure you are getting the highest quality custom made fence possible.

We also use our own trained installers to make sure we can guarantee your fence for years to come!! We treat every fence project as if it were our own.

From the most detailed fence project to the simplest, or even just repairs, don’t hesitate to call Story Fence Company because someone will always get back to you.

STORY FENCE is a member of the Chamber of Commerce and is fully insured for your safety as well as our own. It is owned and operated by Michael Story who has more than 35 years of experience in the fencing industry.

If you see a fence using pressure treated materials (pine) or 2″x3″ backer rails, it isn’t a STORY FENCE!!!  See why you can tell who has a STORY FENCE and who doesn’t!!!



“Mike Story and his Fence Co is the best in our area. The work he did for our family was spectacular, installing a 8ft tall, high end cedar tongue and groove fence that was on time and on budget. His fences are made from the strongest components possible. In summary Mike Story and his company are true professionals and an asset to the community. There is no cutting of corners with Story Fence, you know what your getting for quality every time. With hundreds and hundreds of recommendations it was an easy decision for me and my family to hire Story Fence Co.
Scott F– Essex”

“Mike began his Fence Co many many years ago which serves the community throughout Massachusetts and other states thus enabling individuals, families, business to prosper from his trustworthy and ethical work values.
Clyde & Jani G– Ipswich”

“I have known Michael Story for a number of years and through observation of him and his company I can confirm his integrity and honesty and workmanship throughout the community. Story Fence has a reputable business with unparalleled craftsmanship and attention to detail. Such qualities are necessary in a small community where referrals and repeat business are essential.
Steve A- Rockport”

“As a client Mike has displayed the utmost of integrity with regard to the care of his employees, customers, and family as well as the A+ reputation of his business. Halstead Ins Co holds Story Fence Co in a high regard to being one of our top clients.
Anthony- Halstead Ins Co”

“My wife and I decided to replace 120 feet of picket fence. I called Mike and asked him to take a look at it. Mike and one of his employees showed up in short order and spent the afternoon removing the fence and disposing of it fully expecting to compensate him for his time and disposal fees and Mike wouldn’t hear of it. The job to him was an easy one but to us it meant everything. Mike made us feel like he was doing the job as if he lived at the house which made us feel very confident that we hired the right Fence Co.
There were cheaper prices but we knew we were getting the best value for our dollar with Story Fence Co.
H + G Campbell- Amesbury”

“Recently our elderly neighbor was in dire need of a fence and my husband recommended Story Fence for the job. Michael and his crew bid for the job, won the job and did an excellent job for my neighbor, and she continues to be very pleased with her new fence. She made a point on commenting to me what a great job Michael and his crew did for her as they were extremely efficient, providing an excellent outcome and ran the entire job with extreme professionalism. I’ve seen Story Fence signs throughout the north shore and for many years believe it to be one of only a couple left that go the extra mile for the customers.
Amy P- Essex”

“We had just bought our first home and needed to fence in our yard to contain our dogs. After speaking with our friends we were told we had to get Mike Story over to give an estimate from him. While the guys were building our fence our lab puppies got out of their kennel. Mike built them a small fenced in pen around an old dog house that was in our yard to keep the puppies in. It was an act above and beyond what he was suppose to do. We were grateful not only for not losing any of the precious puppies but also for the pen for the pups and there mom. There is no other Fence Co I would recommend.
Brendan R- Essex”

“Alison and I would just like to thank Mike Story and his crew for the job they did with the fabrication and the installation of new fencing around our house. Since this was an extension of an existing Story Fence we already new that the custom built fence would surpass by none in terms of aesthetics, quality and durability. What other type of fence after 10 years could you pull sections and relocate? None, this is an example of you get what you pay for because any other store bought or mass produced fence would of fallen apart the second it was touched.

Thanks to Mike for completing the job on time and on budget. If you ever want someone to stop by to inspect the fence please do not hesitate to contact us.
Toby and Alison D- Manchester”